Format of Resume or CV Writing for Board Exams 12th

Format of Resume or CV Writing for Board Exams  12th

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Format of Resume or CV Writing

Common Parts Of A Resume

  • Contact information: This should include one’s name, address, phone number etc.
  • Objective(optional): The objective of a candidate should be in relation to the job being applied for.
  • Education section: This section elicits one’s educational qualifications and details. In general, we should limit these details to the major qualifications.
  • Experience section: Candidates with experience of working in the field can use this section to their advantage. Generally, the experience is listed in reverse chronological order.
  • Skills: This section illustrates the various skills, strengths, and knowledge that the applicant posses, making him competent for the job.
  • Projects: To point out the work done in the field of work, a candidate can use the projects section.
  • Activities:  The activities section puts forward the applicant’s membership in organizations.
  • Honours: Lastly, the honours section can be used to showcase the applicant’s awards, achievements, and scholarships.

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